Welcome to the West Allis Training Kennel Club

The West Allis Training Kennel Club was founded in 1943 by a group of fourteen men and women who's love of field dog training and the outdoors inspired them come together to form the organization. Located in the township of Vernon in Waukesha County, the WATKC has over one hundred acres of pristine training grounds, including several ponds and channels, to serve the needs of it's members.

The West Allis Training Kennel Club is a privately held non-profit organization that is limited to one hundred active members to provide a quality training environment for the membership. The club holds various events throughout the year, including AKC Retriever and Spaniel Hunt Tests, AKC Retriever and Spaniel Field Trials, and a Hunter's Jamboree and Trapshoot. All events are open to the public and family participation is encouraged. The club motto; Conserve Game, Hunt with a Trained Dog, stands as a testament to the hard work and dedication of its members to keep the tradition of the WATKC alive and to ensure it's future. To this day, it remains the only field training dog club in the state of Wisconsin with three active dog breed divisions: Retriever, Spaniel, and Bird Dog. It is this diversity that forms the foundation for the club, and is what makes the WATKC a truly unique experience.