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The West Allis Training Kennel Club recruits new members almost exclusively from events and through word of mouth from the members themselves. Because of this, the club has been able to form a diverse foundation of dog training enthusiasts dedicated to field training and the conservation of game. The WATKC has just over one hundred acres of training grounds, consisting of a mix of upland cover, ponds, and channels. Certain fields are designated as short cover fields, while others will have longer cover for flushing tests. This allows the member to tailor their training program to meet their needs based on breed and different training stages. Live ammo is permitted for flushing and marking tests.

There are three dog divisions in the WATKC: a retriever division, spaniel division, and bird dog division. Members typically train in groups or individually, or cross train between the divisions to take advantage of the knowledge that experienced members have accumulated.

The WATKC limits its membership to one hundred active members to provide a quality training environment for its members. The club also has a small number of Lifetime members. To become a Lifetime member you must achieve thirty years of continuous membership, or fifteen years of continuous membership and be over the age of sixty-five.

Annual dues in the WATKC are $465 annually, but can be reduced to a minimum of $165 per year by earning contribution hours. For each contribution hour, your dues will be reduced by $10 up to a maximum of $300 for 30 hours contributed. For example, a member who contributed 30 hours annually would pay the minimum of $165, and a member who only contributed 20 hours would pay $265 ($465 minus $200).

First time members would pay a combination of dues and initiation fees totaling $365.Contribution hours earned in your first year of membership are credited to your second year dues payment.

There are various ways to accumulate contribution hours, such as board member and committee work, meeting attendance, grounds maintenance, and helping out at events. Hours contributed by immediate family members are credited to the member. We've found over the years that an active and energized membership is essential to the success of our club and we strongly encourage family participation.

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